LSE Class of 1966
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Becky (George) Witt
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I was born with Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome, also known as Gender Identity Disorder (GID). This is caused when the fetus is flooded with the wrong hormones at a key time in development and results in the brain being rewired to a gender different than the body. In my case, my brain has always been female, but my body didn't match. This causes incredible conflict and half the people born this way attempt suicide. In my youth during the 50's and 60's, little was known about this condition and there was no formal treatment plan. The life expectancy for people with GID at that time was about 25 years.

I knew from about age 5 that I was different, but it really hit me hard around age 8 to 10 and it took over my brain. I was unable to think of anything besides wanting to be a girl. In my very early 20's I was unable to hold a job, got fired from several and sought out a therapist. I told him that I had a terrible anxiety that would never quit and never go away and I wanted to be a girl. "Well, you can't, kid" was the response and I was prescribed some very strong tranquilizers, but that reduced my functioning to nothing. I learned to live with the condition and that's why I started fixing cars--it appeared to be a job I could do to get me through the day and earn a living doing so.

I continued to deny that I was female and sought another explanation, any other fix. I was muscular, hairy, athletically built and could never look like a girl. I'd never fit in, never get a job and would surely die homeless under a bridge.

Finally, in my very late 50's, I was close to losing the will to live. Owning a successful business, becoming respected in my Industry and in my community, had brought me no relief at all. I could never talk to anyone about this secret, as no one could ever understand. In fact, even today, among those trained to help people with GID, most don't really understand it. This is not a choice, rather it is something I either have to do or lose the will to live.

I realized that I could lose everything I'd ever worked for all my life. The pain was so intense that I finally said I didn't care. There are now Standards of Care (SOC), first developed by Harry Benjamin, to treat people like myself. The condition is medical, not mental and lies in the brain, which can't be changed. No therapy or anything else will help correct this, but the body can be changed to match the brain and that is the treatment.

The process starts with seeing a Therapist with training in GID. A minimum of 12 therapy sessions are required for the therapist to determine if the patient is truly GID or not. There may be other things causing them to think this way. I started my treatment process a year ago November (2009) with therapy. Once the therapist makes the diagnosis, they write a letter of reference to a Doctor, who starts the patient on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The administration of Testosterone blockers and Estrogen combine to start the patient on a second puberty, which takes years to complete.

The HRT might commonly be known as a "sex change" because the body undergoes a complete change from male to female over time. I was started on HRT in December of 2009, just a month after starting therapy. I continued therapy the entire time and changed therapists last Sept, 2010. I have been positively diagnosed with GID by 3 different therapists, one with a Ph.D. I am currently under the medical supervision of a number of Doctors, closely following the established SOC. This process takes 3 to 5 years or longer and is quite involved and extensive. I am very early in the journey and still have a long way to go to be complete.

I have been living full time as a female for over a year, as required by the SOC and, as part of the process, have had my name legally changed from “George Witt” to “Becky Witt” in July, 2010. At that time, the gender marker on my driver’s license was changed from M to F. I prefer to be called Becky and am now legally Female. I ask that you please use Becky as my name and to use the appropriate pronouns of she, her and hers when referring to me.

The incredible anxiety that I always had just went away quietly within 60 days of starting on hormones. I can’t believe how quiet and calm my brain is now and how happy I am all the time. This proves to me that this is a medical condition and my brain was never meant to be exposed to testosterone and was truly designed to use Estrogen as its primary fuel.

Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome does not affect or change sexual attraction, it only affects how I see myself. This is nothing like being gay or lesbian. It’s about my own gender identity, how I see myself, nothing more. I am now who I should have been all along and the conflict is resolved.

I am not a transvestite, a drag queen or a cross-dresser. Those people dress as the opposite gender for a time and then resume their own gender identity like nothing has happened. I am a woman all of the time. I am simply correcting a condition I was born with.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in the car service and repair business. I own a car repair shop in Lincoln and we only service Honda/Acura/Toyota/Lexus and Scion vehicles. We’ve earned many Industry honors locally and nationally.

“George” has written many classes on repair shop management and taught at Conventions and events all over the country. Most of the classes are available on DVD and many have been sold nationally and internationally.

I’m now beginning a new chapter in my life as my true self, Becky, and am really enjoying it. I look forward to many new challenges as a female.  I am the same person inside that I’ve always been, only my body has changed. I still own my automotive repair shop and enjoy the work even more now than before.  I appreciate everyone’s support.